AR Weekly Digest N.48

 1. Pioneer Introduces Revolutionary Augmented Reality SatNav

Pioneer launches NavGate head-up display (HUD) that combines augmented reality with smartphone connectivity to provide the virtual equivalent of a 30-inch display in front of the eyes of a driver. It allows the driver to fully focus on the road at all times throughout their journey.

It features light sensors that automatically adjusts the brightness of the projections by monitoring the amount of light, Turn-By-Turn Directions with guided instructions will display current speed, speed limits, red light and speed cameras alerts, a clock, and estimated time of arrival and distance to your destination.

The Satnav supports various smartphones, which connect to the unit via USB and is compatible with the CoPilot and NNG’s iGO primo smartphone apps that display navigation instructions, points of interest and road hazards.

Girish Janday, product executive at Pioneer, said: “Two essential elements for driving are having a clear view on the road and knowing where you’re going. Pioneer’s NavGate HUD has been designed with both of those ideas in mind, ensuring drivers navigate without losing focus, keeping distractions to a minimum. Its competitive price-point will open up this innovative technology to a broader audience.”

The NavGate is due to go on sale from October for £600.


2. Angela Merkel Chooses Augmented Reality for Her Election Campaign

v2-AN27440339A+Merkel+app+withA ‘Merkelapp’ for smartphones is an Augmented reality app which was lauched by her election team and which appears to make billboard posters of the German chancellor speak directly to voters.

The app automatically recognizes Merkel’s face through a camera when being pointed at a campaign poster with her image and begins playing a video featuring her talking. Merkel appears to speak out of the poster, saying: “Germany is doing well today but we cannot take this for granted. I want us to be successful in the future together.” Merkel’s campaign manager Hermann Groehe said in the interview that he hoped the new app would help mobilize more voters to support her conservatives in what he predicted to be a “tight race”.

Augmented reality in smartphone applications was also used by Obama in his campaign to win a second term in office when exclusive content was revealed after scanning a $5 note.


3. Blippar Brings the British Passport to Life

Blippar has just unveiled an augmented reality passport with the aim of keeping kids entertained and reducing stress for parents during  long-distance flights.

The app is triggered by a British passport. By ‘blipping’ the front page of a passport, a 3D plane will appear and take off from the passport. Users can then navigate  the aircraft through the clouds by turning the passport. Besides the 3D model packing checklists and a language center where you can practice learning a new language (Croatian, Italian, French or Spanish) are also included in the app.

Jess Butcher, CMO of Blippar said: ‘With 14 million UK holidaymakers expected to go abroad this summer, we wanted to create something fun, informative and engaging that any person travelling abroad could use. Kids often get bored at the airport and we wanted parents to be able to concentrate on enjoying their holidays and having fun with their kids instead of being stressed out. By Blipping the front cover of their passport travellers can access a truly interactive travel experience.’


4. A Giant Ferris Wheel with Augmented Reality to be Built in Japan


The Giant Observation Wheel (GOW) or the Nippon Moon, designed by Dutch architectural studio UNStudio, is currently in development in Japan. It is going to be twice as big as the London Eye.

The structure will consist of 32 single and double-decked pods or capsules which will allow for augmented reality views of the city. The Nippon Moon will also come with an app for smartphones and tablets, which will allow users to communicate with the people in other capsules. Guests of the wheel will be able to switch from reality to augmented reality views in the capsule.

dezeen_GOW-Nippon-Moon-by-UNStudio_4“The latest technology is incorporated in the capsules to create integrated augmented reality that creates new levels of engagement – both in terms of the surrounding views and through communication and interaction between users,” said Van Berkel. “Through this, the Nippon Moon becomes not just an observation platform, but a platform for heightened observation and the stimulation of the imagination.”

At the moment, the project is in the design phase, but as soon when it is constructed, a new iconic experience will be coming to a Japanese city.


5. The World’s First Augmented Reality Exercise Gaming Platform

A young start-up GlassFit claims to develop the first augmented reality exercise platform for Google Glass. A collection of exercise games, this platform consists of, allows users to race against themselves, their friends and zombies. What the company proposes is a Motivation and, of course, amusement to start exercising regularly.

Idea shown in the video below is really interesting. Check it out yourself!


6. Vuforia’s “Smart Terrain” Turns Your Living Room into a Game

Last week the Qualcomm showed off a brand new addition to its Vuforia Augmented Reality platform. “Smart Terrain” (this is the name of an addition) brings a living room landscape straight into your mobile game.

Technology allows developers to create apps that can see real world objects, calculated their height/width/depth and then build visuals to interact with them. The app starts by asking you to choose your “play space.” You can do this by tapping the table, and it maps out a 3D grid around those physical objects. After the app identifies the objects and the game begins. Virtual terrain began to grow all over the objects. In the prototype game, you play a character that has to defend a tower from the creatures that are attacking it.

“Smart Terrain”  will be available in the Qualcomm Vuforia SDK in April 2014, but right now you can watch the demo below.


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