Future belongs to Augmented Reality and 3D interfaces

italiy Goncharuk, CEO, AR23D Studio

In 2001 I was working on my first start-up for mobile phones, when the market of smartphones was just emerging, and I heard a lot of pessimistic remarks, such as “Who will be willing to have such big phones?” or “Why do we need smartphones when we have computers?”

After the mass release of Nokia, and even more with iPhone release no one asks such “stupid” questions anymore – everyone makes profit :=)

It happened that in 2010 I became a co-founder of the company in Augmented Reality sphere, where AR Glasses are the main long-term “hardware” trend that can bring a real explosion of profitability and the mass market, which will replace the smartphone market.

While working in this market I got a sense of déjà vu – I think I heard nearly everything about AR glasses, starting from «Just imagine that everyone will have AR glasses on their faces – it’s so stupid» (today a person can go through the whole day in the Bluetooth headset and conventional glasses and no one sees a problem in this) to “I’ll not believe that glasses will be cheaper than $500 by 2020» (Vuzix announced glasses for $ 500 in 2013, Google will probably release its own ones even cheaper).
And moreover, I hear this from people who are not far from technology, but from IT investors and founders of IT-companies that develop software for mobile phones.

In this situation there is nothing else to do but go on developing products and technologies ;=)

After all It will take only 1-2 years till AR Glasses will functionally substitute smartphones and will be sold for $200-300 each.

In connection with this, we expect a boom in Augmented Reality applications (binded to the space, objects, location and user’s movements), including both the creation of new services and games, and a redevelopment of the existing applications to comply with their specifications – 3D interface, as in 3D glasses almost all existing applications with 2D interfaces will look at least absurd and awkward in the environment.

AR23D Studio – Augmented Reality Solutions
Vitaliy Goncharuk
E-mail: ceo@ar23d.com

Augmented Reality: forget about markers!

italiy Goncharuk, CEO, AR23D Studio

While communicating with investors and  journalists last year, I could not help noticing their interest “… BUT partly mixed with pessimism” regarding the Augmented Reality sphere.

This is primarily due to the “gap” between the beautiful concepts and the lack of commercially successful solutions and companies on the market (gaming, B2B, etc.).

The technological reason for the lack of commercial results is that almost all solutions up to 2012 were based on markers (including markers-“pictures”, i.e. markerless).

But the biggest problem of the marker – the user does not want to waste time on printing it out!

No matter how beautiful and of high quality is the solution you create and how much money you invest in the marketing – everything comes down to the problem of markers – no one wants to print anything 🙁

Because of this issue the Augmented Reality solutions with markers had their “user value” only in very narrow segments, such as additional interactive “layer” of advertising in printed magazines or btl-campaigns.

In all other spheres such solutions received good reviews during test demonstrations, but didn’t show any serious business results.

That is why the reputation of Augmented reality has been damaged in the eyes of investors.

What has changed in 2012?

Beside the Augmented Reality solutions with markers there are two other basic technologies (more complex to implement than the recognition of “markers”), which potentially can be used – it’s SLAM and AR, working on sensors (gyro, accelerometer, compass, gps).

Their advantage is that in order to use applications based on these two technologies, the user does not need to print anything.

Just launch it and nothing more!

And In 2012 AR industry got two technologies for mobile phones that can be used – it’s SLAM, integrated into the SDK from Metaio and the platform GlorAR (AR based on sensors from AR23D Studio).

It was also announced that Dekko was going to develop the SLAM technology and games.
All experts definitely agree that SLAM is the ideal technology for the Augmented reality, but for the moment everything that is on the market doesn’t work or works badly.

My colleagues and I, for example, weren’t able to start any of the games based on SLAM neither at home nor in the office – it could be used only under some specific conditions.

So our forecast – in the next 2-3 years we see AR solutions mainly based on platforms similar to GlorAR – i.e. mix of SLAM and sensor-based AR (we are seriously working on SLAM too, but have not decided to release any market product yet – too many restrictions in the use of the technology to satisfy users expectations for now).

With the significant increase of mobile phones power and the appearance of glasses the new “era of SLAM” will start, but only those will benefit in it, who will be able to create content on the basis of existing technologies and platforms in the next 2-3 years.


No doubt the markers have played their role in the development of Augmented Reality, but they weren’t lucky – they need to be printed. The second reason of their unpopularity – the absence of common AR browser on mobile devices.

That’s why in the next 2-4 years we should expect commercially successful projects in the sphere of Augmented Reality only on the basis of SLAM and AR, based on sensors.

You wonder if markers can come back?

Yes, they can, but only with the creation of common (i.e. pre-installed) AR browser on mobile phones and glasses. But in any case, the use of markers will remain limited.
This is the reason we suggest all journalists and investors to have a closer look on AR technologies and platforms, such as SLAM and AR, based on sensors, and in particular on those that can be easily ported on Google Glass etc.

AR23D Studio – Augmented Reality Solutions
Vitaliy Goncharuk
E-mail: ceo@ar23d.com

Bugs Mayhem – Augmented Realiy Game for iPad and iPhone

September 20, 2012 – gaming department of AR23D Studio released its first game “Bugs Mayhem” based on  Augmented Reality Technology.

Realistic approach and the quality of Augmented Reality will stir your imagination – this game stands out due to a higher level of technology used in it comparing with all other games you have played before.


We are not going to describe technological features – just download the game and find out yourself!

The game will definitely catch your attention from the first second.

In fact, we would like to ask you not to through your iphone/ipad at insects – even though they look real, they are actually virtual ! (we warn everyone because during the testing stage some users were throwing their ipads at insects instead of shooting them).

“Our company has released the first game in the sphere of Augmented reality which doesn’t compromise the look and the quality and which doesn’t have simplifications due to which Augmented reality has been considered nothing more than a pretty idea for a long time.
In “Bugs Maybem” you don’t need to type or set up anything – just start up the app on your iPhone or an iPad and you’ll find yourself in the world of Augmented reality.
You have the chance to see the world the way our team sees it!
We are sure that our browser GlorAR and the game “Bugs Mayhem” based on it represent a completely new approach toAugmented Reality high quality apps.

I would also like to as sure you that soon enough we will please our users with new great apps with Augmented Reality,” says the founder of AR23D Vitaliy Goncharuk.

Game «Bugs Mayhem» is a shooter based on Augmented Reality technology – GlorAR. Quality and realistic features of the game are so high that some users threw their gadgets at insects instead of shooting them during the testing of the game :=)

Media links:

Download(Appstore – iPad 2, 3, iPhone 4+): http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bugs-mayhem/id554653027?l=ru&ls=1&mt=8

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZnag3aOJt8&feature=youtu.be

Additional info: 
AR23D Studio is a comany founded in 2010. It owns  technologies and products in the field of Augmented Reality (with and without markers), among which Augmented reality browser, games, applications for commerce purposes of showing products in 3D.