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AR23D Studio Included in Top 5 “Best AR Developers 2013”

vgnMay 29, 2013 – AR23D Studio ( placed in Top 5 of “Best AR Developer 2013 award.

The AR (Augmented Reality) Summit is hosting the 2nd UK Augmented Reality Awards. The aim of the AR awards is to recognize and reward AR companies who are excelling in the development of innovative AR technologies and applications. Only those, who by enhancing AR technologies, produce innovative products, and adopt new technology and enable the Augmented Reality field to become a mass market, could be nominated for this award.


“Being nominated for an AR award indicates that AR23D Studio has received worldwide recognition,” said CEO of AR23D Studio, Vitaliy Goncharuk. “We are always trying to keep abreast of the times and new technologies. By doing our work we are trying not only to keep up with a rapidly changing world but to be the part of this world, be the ones who create this world. This is the result of hard, coordinated, and creative work of our whole team.”


Before being shortlisted as Best AR Developer of 2013, AR23D Studio and other AR companies were judged on such categories as: the concept of use of AR, commercial feasibility, market perception, innovation/vision, results achieved, etc.

In June 2013, an advisory council of the AR Summit will form a panel of judges to review and score the nominees. On the 20th of June the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the end of the 2013 AR Summit.


On the day of the conference AR23D Studio will be presenting their product demos, among which are completely new products, in the exhibition section. These demos will highlight company’s creativity and potential.

“I have no doubt in our chances to win this award, but we have strong competitors, so may the best one win,” said V. Goncharuk.


Note: Founded in 2010, AR23D Studio is one of the technology leaders in its mobile niche and has partners globally. The company grows fast and generates revenue from clients in the U.S., Europe and Persian Gulf countries. In early 2013 AR23D Studio raised Series A from AVentures Capital ( The company uses the funding to develop and promote augmented reality applications and to expand its international presence.

Among current mobile applications of AR23D Studio are AR Browser GlorAR, AR Panoramas, AR Jewelry and mobile games Bugs Mayhem, My Dragon Toy and AR Basketball.

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