AR Weekly Digest N.44

1. Cemeteries come to life with graveside Augmented Reality

Digital Memorial has launched their Augmented Reality service to the funeral industry. Families are given the free Digital Memorial app to access a full life story of their loved one. There are no attachments to or markers on the gravestone no interference with the area.

When the family or friends open the app, point it at the gravestone the app will recognize ‘the name’ and up pops the image and life story of a loved one. Families can choose a public or password protected private setting. They can also edit or update information on the page.

Richard Longworth, Founder of Digital Memorial commented – ‘We specialize in technology based memorialisation services for the global funeral service industry and the trade response we’ve had so far suggests this service is a complete ‘game changer in the market’.

2. Uniqul Launches Fast Facial-Recognition Payment System 

Finnish start-up Uniqul has launched a facial-recognition payment system that enables customers to pay without having a wallet, credit card or mobile device in hand – paying is as easy as giving the camera a nod and pressing ‘OK’ on a point-of-sale tablet.

Developed in Finland, the tablet-based system is designed to be placed at retail checkout points, where biometric sensors match their face to the corresponding Uniqul account instead of asking the customer to pay by cash or credit card. After the face is recognised the customer should confirm his purchase by clicking “ok” on the display. The whole transaction will be done in less than 5 seconds – the time it usually takes you to pull out your wallet.

“We are using military grade algorithms to make sure that the security of our system is impeccable. We have written and improved our program so that it can perform everything in the blink of an eye. We have developed an user friendly interface and made the system easy to use,” – claims the co-founder of Uniqul Ruslan Pisarenko.


3. Maptek PerfectDig – Augmented Reality for the Mining Industry

Maptek is the leading provider of innovative software, hardware and services for the global mining industry.

The new company’s product – PerfectDig – is augmented reality system that cuts through the communication barriers between engineers, surveyors, supervisors and operators. PerfectDig uses laser scanners to build 3D model of actual excavation state and compares this model to mining plans and design information. PerfectDig is aimed to increase productivity by adjustisng excavation before mistakes are made.

The system provides real-time underdig and overdig information using color overlays. PerfectDig can present information on a handheld device, in virtual real time to put the evidence in front of operations staff in the pit. The augmented reality of PerfectDig allows them to choose what information they see – layers, depths, overdig or underdig, with volumes and measurements at the touch of a button. They can immediately see what needs to be done to conform to design, or where to change the design.

PerfectDig is aimed to increase productivity by adjustisng excavation before mistakes are made.


4. Swarm! – MMO Game for Google Glass

Swarm! is a Massively Multiplayer Online Augmented Reality Simulation (MMOARS) game in which you are an ant foraging, fighting, and working tirelessly for your Colony and your life! Designed exclusively for Glass, Swarm! can be played with minimal user input or updates while allowing for an immersive team gaming experience with surprising strategic depth.

Swarm! simulates the experience of being a member of a functioning ant Colony. In Swarm!, you play an individual ant working to expand your own Colony and defend it against rival Colonies. As you walk around your neighborhood, commute to work, or meet a friend for lunch downtown, you automatically collect resources and leave Trails that mark the environment with the color of your Colony. Crossing Trails left by another ant can signal the location of useful resources, Colony members in need, or rival Colonies encroaching on your territory. A direct encounter with another ant from your Colony might more evenly distribute your resources for the Colony’s benefit, but an encounter with an ant from a different Colony might result in a fight that leaves you without any food at all!

The game was developed by Daniel Estrada, a philosophy professor at Illinois State University, and Jonathan Lawhead of Columbia University. Estrada and Lawhead have partnered with Interdisciplined, an educational non-profit organisation, which will help them release Swarm! under an open source licence. This will ensure that the platform can be used for other distributed organising projects, and guarantee the reliability and safety of their code, the developers said.


5. IKEA’s 2014 Augmented Reality Catalog

The armchairs and bookcases never look as perfect in your cramped apartment as they do in the color-coordinated showrooms. So Ikea’s new catalogue allows users to place virtual furniture in their homes via augmented reality.

All you need is a smartphone and a copy of Ikea’s catalogue. This allows you to see what any piece of Ikea furniture looks like in your home. Users just have to place the printed catalog in place of where they’d like to see the furniture, scan it with the IKEA catalog app on mobile devices, and choose a product—with the help of augmented-reality, the app would show what products would look like in place of the physical catalog.

The app also lets you experience the scale of the objects in relation to your living space, as you can see in the video below.


AR applications:

  1. Pocket Tutor
  2. Earthfall
  3. Color Teacher Pro
  4. Glizz Collect
  5. My Own AR
  6. Lake of the Woods Golf Course
  7. Dollar Dance!
  8. Coptar for AppBlaster
  9. Cadbury Dairy Milk
  10. Pioneer AR Experience
  11. Lnd Design
  12. Rio Red Decade
  13. Pan Kulka
  14. Tek Recon: Advanced Battle Systems
  15. AR Merch
  16. Pigmy Pets

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