AR Weekly Digest N.41

1. Augmented Reality Games for Poppy

We have already told you about Poppy a few weeks ago. It’s that device that lets you watch and record 3-D photos and videos using your iPhone. It’s kind of like a Viewmaster for the digital age.

A lot happened since we first wrote about this device. The company met its funding goal, raising more than $150,000 (compared to the $40,000 it was hoping to raise). It’s also announced a slightly more expensive version of the device in white.

With that success already behind it, the team behind Poppy is thinking about other things that can be done with the device, looking to go beyond just taking and viewing 3-D photos and videos. One possibility is to provide its customers with 3-D-based games, and it’s courting game developers to make that a reality.

Founders see an opportunity for augmented reality and virtual reality games being made to work with Poppy. Poppy can work as a viewfinder for AR games making them far more immersive.. Developers could even use the iPhone’s volume buttons, available at the top of the device, for controls.

The Kickstarter campaign is still open, so you can get your Poppy till July 26.


2. ColAR – Children s Drawing Book of the Future

Developed by the Human Interface Technology Lab New Zealand (HIT Lab NZ), ‘ColAR’ is a computer program that transforms colouring book pages into animated 3D models. Actually, computer version exists more than a year, the HIT Lab NZ was providing this software for free for the Christchurch Kidsfest 2011 event.

The mobile version has been launched recently for Android and iOS. The free mobile app is available from App Store and Google Play, the colouring pages can be downloaded from the official site. All pages can be downloaded for free, but only one has free AR animation. Animation for other pages has to be unlocked via inn-app purchase (colAR Mix App is free to unlock all pages during 15-28 July 2013).


3. Disney Is Working on Augmented Reality Projector for Storybooks

The YouTube video below is seemingly from Disney’s research centre in Pittsburgh and shows their latest venture into augmented reality with the help of a pico projector and a children’s story book.

The project is called HideOut. The basic explanation of the technology at work is simple enough. The book has special infrared-absorbing ink — invisible to the human eye — placed on specific areas of the page. Standard printer ink can be printed over the infrared ink, so a storybook can have normal imagery, but the imagery can actually be tracked. The mobile projector uses a built-in camera to sense the ink, then projects digital images onto the page’s surface that are animated to interact with the markers.

As it’s not much fun holding the projector in your hands all the time, the goal is to eventually integrate the projector into a mobile phone, and make the technology available to developers to build apps for. But we believe the best user experience for this technology can be achieved by integrating it with CastAR or SixthSense or any other wearable gesture-based projection interface which leaves both your free.


4. Abu Dhabi Airport Hosts Augmented Reality Screen for National Geographic

Passengers passing through the Terminal 1 transit area in Abu Dhabi International Airport have last week been able to interact with different types of animals and nature thanks to an augmented reality project in collaboration with National Geographic. For four days, starting 14th July, creative works of art were being displayed in a never seen before way offering travelers an exclusive experience.

The innovative National Geographic campaign provides a unique new concept in which allows passengers to experience near-live visuals and an opportunity to interact with different types of animals and creatures. As passenger traffic increases this summer season, Abu Dhabi Duty Free is experiencing high footfall, enhancing the audience for this one-of-a-kind innovative works of art.


5. Gbanga Famiglia – Augmented Reality Mafia Game


Millform, the Switzerland-based startup, has launched an augmented reality game Gbanga Famiglia. Gbanga Famiglia is location based social game which brings game universe similar GTA, Second Life, or Minecraft to life.

The player assumes the role of a Mafioso with bold career plans. Initially starting for the “friendly” Police fraction, the player has to visit real-world places in order to collect precious items and to take-over establishments such as bars, restaurants and banks. Collecting items enables you to bribe your mighty Famiglia Don through gifts. Members of wealthy Famiglias are stronger and more successful in take-overs. Further, you can exchange rare items with your friends and allies.

The core elements of the game are the so called side-quests, the geo-based missions which include returning virtual suitcases to real banks, collaborative raids and assembly of police cars from scattered car parts.


 AR applications:

  1. Car Finder
  2. MonopolyPR
  3. colAR Mix
  4. DFC Sofa and Room Planner
  5. Sion AR
  6. Greenland Ramadan
  7. Braingapps AR Showcase
  8. BigBadWolf AR
  9. Creative Augmentation 
  10. Suzuki View
  11. DojoDan kARate
  12. San Miniato, wine and truffle
  13. Sensodyne Repair and Protect
  14. Fox Realty
  15. MultiMediaMarkets AR viewer
  16. Skye Wars
  17. In-Site – augmented reality app
  18. labARinth game
  19. Augmented Reality

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