AR Weekly Digest N.39

1.Research: Developers to Invest $2.5 Billion in Augmented Reality in 2018

Augmented reality applications face challenges, but at least one research company remains positive regarding the technology, which will lead to a bright future.

According to the report of ABI Research, the investment in AR applications is anticipated to reach $670 million in 2013, driven by the increased mobile user experiences in the retail and marketing domain. The annual amount is expected to exceed US$2.5 billion in 2018, as AR becomes a more everyday part of mobile experiences. The retail and marketing application segment is estimated to account for 68% of the spending in 2013, while the product enhancement and standalone apps would account for 22% and 10% of the total, respectively.

The most imminent growth driver for Augmented Reality is cloud computing. Senior analyst Aapo Markkanen comments: “The cloud is a natural fit for AR developers, considering how big benefits cloud-based content libraries present for image recognition technologies. The leading SDKs, Qualcomm’s Vuforia and Metaio, introduced cloud recognition capabilities last year, and it’s exactly moves like those that will help bringing AR to the mainstream. Meanwhile, the cloud has always been at the core of Aurasma-HP’s innovative visual browser that is starting to see traction also as a platform for third-party apps.”


2. Augmented reality and education continue to mingle

book arThis week, Edutainment Systems, a developer of interactive technologies, has announced the release of its new augmented reality service, which is now available to the public. The company’s Digital Book App service is designed to leverage the power of augmented reality to make reading more engaging for students. This service works well with books with strong artistic elements in them and it appeals the best to young students who prefer such books.

Digital Book App service is designed to turn tedious studies into entertaining experience that do not sacrifice educational value for enjoyment.

Augmented reality is used to bring book characters to life. The application presents these characters as 3D images that have some interactivity with the world around them. The service supports voice acting, 3D animation, reading assistance, and several other features that can significantly enhance the reading experience. It is designed with engagement in mind.


3.Send your own Pocket Spacecraft on a Mission to the Moon and track it location with AR feature 

spacecraftA new Kickstarter project now allows you to explore the solar system with a personalized spacecraft. Pocket Spacecraft’s Kickstarter aims to send thousands of tiny disk-sized spacecrafts with low cost, open source technology. The Pocket Spacecrafts will be paper-thin discs, smaller than an average CD, which can be personalized by adding pictures and customizing the message it transmits.

Depending on your investment, your personal spacecraft will be headed back to earth via the planet’s gravitational pull or  landing on the moon as short-lived, lunar explorers.

“The key things we want to demonstrate are that small spacecraft can operate at this distance and return useful measurements and also that thousands of private individuals with no background in the field can design and operate spacecraft,” Pocket Spacecraft founder Michael Johnson told

4. Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle, an Augmented Reality Beat ‘Em Up Game

Pacific Rim, the movie directed by Guillermo del Toro is going to be in theaters soon. It’s about aliens attacking Earth and humans deploying giant robots to fight them. Augmented reality game Pacific Rim: Kaiju Battle was created for Android to promote the movie. This is an augmented reality fighting game that lets you put a miniature cityscape with monsters on any flat surface.

The game itself is a simple button masher. There are two attack buttons and two block buttons. All you really have to do is attack faster than the other monster. You can do battle as any of the three monsters or three robots. Kaiju Battle uses Qualcomm AR technology to paint the battle scene on your camera feed. All you need is an object for the app to use as a point of reference. There is also a simple camera mode that lets you stick Pacific Rim behemoths in your snapshots.

AR in this app works pretty well. It seems to scale proportions correctly, and rotates the battle as you circle around the point of reference. It’s not the most advanced fighting game, but it’s free and definitely fun to play around with for a little bit.


5. Snipp Interactive Launches New Augmented Reality App in the Middle East

Snipp Interactive Inc., an international provider of mobile marketing solutions has launched the new Augmented Reality product, Snipp Khayal, in the Middle East. A debut AR campaign with Lexus Kuwait was launched and powered by the Snipp Khayal app.

Snipp Khayal recently partnered with Limitus to create an innovative augmented reality experience for Lexus Kuwait. The AR app was used last week at an exclusive press-only event in Kuwait. At the event, journalists were given phones with Khayal pre-installed and experienced Lexus’ new 2014 IS range.

The app displayed an in-phone video and virtually displayed color options, lights and a tour of its interior. Snipp Khayal powered a completely unique and virtual experience at the event. Lexus is the first automotive company to launch an AR-driven mobile campaign in Kuwait.

Raed Kaddoura, Account Director at Litmus, said, “We were very satisfied and happy with our first Augmented Reality campaign for Lexus. Snipp Khayal helped make our event a very exciting and successful one.”


AR applications:

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  2. Home ViewAR
  3. VLive AR
  4. TEDxHoP Frames
  5. AR Lens
  6. Skylanders Giants D Adventures
  7. Cointreau
  8. Emersio AR Viewer
  9. VectoroBox
  10. LivePlus Fly
  11. bloveye
  12. Meet the Animals
  13. FuelFX AR
  14. Magic Camera – American Sign Language Edition
  15. Mapventures: Global Theft 
  16. Pacific Rim: Jaeger vs Kaiju Battle

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