Mug + Augmented Reality = The AR Basketball App Mug

The AR Basketball App Mug is a mug and an augmented reality experience all in one. Have you ever felt bored during coffee breaks or while waiting for the hot tea in a mug to cool down while at home? What better way to spend your coffee break then enjoying a cup of your favourite hot drink and shooting a few basketball hoops on your iPhone? Now this is all possible due to one mug.


     The AR Basketball App Mug is a novelty product which came to life due to cooperation between AR23D Studio and Paladone – the largest manufacturer of souvenirs in Great Britain. Paladone released a special mug with AR marker, while our company provided an application – AR Basketball, which shows augmented reality technology at its best.

The AR Basketball App Mug is an oversized ceramic mug with a capacity of approx. 330 ml. One side of the mug is completely flat on which a AR code is printed. To enjoy the 41YFz91sdHLfunctionality of this mug, simply download the free AR Basketball ( onto your phone and start the app. Point your phone’s camera at the AR code on the mug and once the basketball hoop appears, throw the ball using the on-screen swipe bar and score points. The AR Basketball App Mug takes mug design to new levels of innovation. Packaged in a matching gift box the AR Basketball App Mug is a great present for everyone!

The mug is already available on E-bay ( and in UK retail.

Companies info:

Paladone Products have been a leading designer and creator of fun, novelty  toy and giftware for nearly 20 years.  Located near Brighton in the UK, Paladone have built up an enviable customer base because of their commitment to the highest levels of quality, delivery and customer service.

AR23D Studio
AR23D Studio was found in 2010. It develops innovation services and solutions in Augmented Reality sphere. Its famous products – AR Basketball, Bugs Mayhem, My Dragon Toy, AR Panoramas etc.

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