AR Weekly Digest N.16

1) Prime Minister Strategically Utilizes Augmented Reality in Political Campaign for Presidency

Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga has taken political campaign to a whole new level in Kenya as he makes a bid for presidency with the help of augmented reality.

Prime Minister Raila Odinga explained that, “When Kenyans go to the polls to vote for their President, their future will be in their hands and so will their mobile phones. By using Aurasma in our campaign app, we will be able to reach out to voters in a completely new way, making it easier for them to get information about the Presidential election process and my policies if elected.”

Furthermore, Prime Minister Raila Odinga has indicated that the goal of including A.R. into his campaign was to make politics “accessible and satisfy Kenyan’s appetite for the latest technology.” This application is called “Ralia for President”.

This is an important step forward as Kenya leads the way with the use of the very latest augmented reality technology in its political campaigns.


2) Glow by Warid presents Augmented Reality at LUMS Thriller Night 2012

Being the most dynamic and active cellular youth brand of the country, Glow is always at the forefront in providing technology-based recreational activities for the youth.

Glow’s cutting-edge concept of augmented reality was introduced to Lahore University of Management Sciences or LUMS for short, at the LUMS Thriller Night 2012. This was a never-seen-before brand engagement activity introduced to the campus by Glow.

This A.R. activity gave two hundred students the opportunity to participate in a buzz creating activity. It was setup in a virtual manner where a group of friends could stand on a blank space in front of a SMD screen where they would be transposed to appear as if they were participating in a music video.

Through this very exciting activity, the cellular brand was able to offer another way for LUMS students to rejoice with friends in a free spirited way.


3) LG Showcases its New Augmented Reality “Magic Remote” at the Gadget Show Live

Consumer electronics brand LG has launched a device that had given the opportunity of those at the Gadget Show Live to experience augmented reality through the use of its “The Magic is In Your Hand” in the form of a remote.

The “Magic Remote” allowed the public to take control of their augmented reality experience to create a truly unique video for them to share with friends. This device enables users to operate their Smart TV through the use of gestures and voice commands.

Some of the tests that some lucky participants were able to put the remote through involved a challenge to defuse a bomb and feed some wild polar bears.

Stuart Cupit, creative technologist at Inition stated that “By combining augmented reality with the wide variety of content available on an LG Smart TV, and letting participants experience the content, we’re putting the Magic Remote at the centre of that experience.”

This is truly a great advancement for not only LG, but for the augmented reality world and many consumers alike!


4) Car Technology Speeds Ahead to Meet Augmented Reality Technology

Researchers and car firms are increasingly looking to give drivers enhanced, or augmented reality (AR) that adds extra information ranging from directions to social media feeds to the view through the windscreen.

As companies like research giant Google take it one step forward through the advancement of projects such as Google Glass, we are indirectly inching our way closer to having augmented reality technology in our vehicles.

Car manufacturers such as BMW, Toyota, Mercedes, and GM have begun to show off various prototypes in recent years that introduce augmented reality in their vehicles through a series of displays or information strategically placed on the windshields.

How this works according to a reporter from BBC is, “known as the enhanced vision system, uses an array of sensors and cameras mounted inside and outside the vehicle to monitor the environment around the car and the driver’s eye and head movements. This information is then used to overlay the view from the windscreen with relevant information about driving conditions – such as the location of the building you are trying to find or dangers that you may not be aware of, such as an animal or child at the side of the road. Another mode marks the edges of the road when fog obscures the drivers view.”

Though consumers may still have to wait some years down the line before having access to technology like this in their vehicles, electronics firm Pioneer has claimed to introduce the world’s first GPS with A.R. technology.

With such technology coming closer and closer to becoming a reality, maybe A.R. technology might be what brings us closer to a Jetsons-like lifestyle through the transformation of our vehicles!


5) Etisalat and Ogle Middle East introduce Augmented Reality Era to the Middle East and Africa

The Etisalat Group has become partners with Ogle Middle East, to bring the Ogle application to its 100 million plus mobile subscribers across the Middle East and Africa.

This is the first project of its kind in the Middle East done by Aurasma. It can be a new level of increasing their sphere of influence around the globe.

With the use of AR Customers within the Etisalat footprint will be able to access more information such as videos, commercials, discounts with the app on their iOS and Android smart phones and tablets.

Khalifa Al Shamsi, the Etisalat Group’s Chief Digital Services Officer said, “Etisalat is converting Augmented Reality (AR) from a buzzword in innovation into an easily accessible meaningful customer-facing service. Ogle has already established its viability and will now become the Augmented Reality application of choice on smart devices in the Middle East and Africa. AR adds value by helping businesses to gain brand exposure, improve learning in education and expanding the entertainment experience for consumers.”


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