AR Weekly Digest N.9

This digest I would like to make even more fun so I will fill it with videos about AR, but first I would like to pay everyone’s attention to the competition our studio is taking part in – Augmented Planet Readers Choice Awards 2012. We have nominations in three categories:

  1. GlorAR as Favourite reality browser of 2012
  2. Bugs Mayhem as Favourite AR app
  3. AR23D as Favourite Platform for Development

If you have time and will we will be glad you to vote for us. All voters will be entered into a prize draw to win a Kindle Fire.

And now videos:

1) This is how Google Glass Team plans to see the nearest future

2) This is the possible future for the use of AR in education

3) At CEATEC 2012 Pioneer has showed off the production version of its AR HUD. It is, as its name implies, an augmented reality navigation unit that shows you where to go using a front-facing camera and a variety of systems. The head unit recently became available in Japan

4) EPFL scientists are developing another prototype of a pair of “augmented” glasses. Wearers will be able to read messages, look at agendas and receive a variety of information directly on the lenses.

5) Ford uses Augmented Reality in its marketing campaign

6) Google has released more footage snapped with it’s Project Glass glasses, this time from the behind the scenes at the DVF runway during New York Fashion week (which was covered in previous digest).

New AR applications:

  1. WRC 3 – Augmented Reality Experience  
  2. Shotgun 3D – Augmented Reality
  4. NerdHerder for iOS
  5. Beam me up 
  6. Zenescope AR
  7. Brophy ViewAR
  8. VirtMedia
  9. What kids want
  10. Collect Fish  
  11. Virtual Shot 
  12. Bann3R
  13. CTT Filatelia
  14. Sumer AR 
  15. Areca Design AR 
  16. Borders College 
  17. I live Umbria
  18. The Official Bath App
  19. App2Find
  20. Around Porto 
  21. BL Mobile Banking 
Prepared by:
AR23D Studio
3D Augmented Reality Solutions

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