AR Weekly Digest N.1

1)   Sight, a short, science fiction film by Israeli student filmmakers Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo is a brilliant example of the emerging world of augmented reality (AR)—the technology behind Google‘s glasses. The film is a graduation project and it details a fictional user interface capable of controlling reality through lenses.

In terms of Google Glass, Lazo wrote, “The Google Glass video just came out about a day or two after we started work on Sight. It was pretty cool; it kind of gave us an affirmation that we’re on the right path.”

The movie shows a usual day of an engineer. His apartment is nearly empty and doesn’t have unnecessary stuff because his vision supplies him with visionary images he wants to see. All his actions seams like challenges in games, even cutting a cucumber. The movie asks many question and make audience thinks about the future and who really controls the situation: human or machines?!


2) Technology developed by Disney Research, Pittsburgh, makes it possible to change the feel of real-world surfaces and objects, including touch-screens, walls, furniture, wooden or plastic objects, without requiring users to wear special gloves or use force-feedback devices.

The technology, called REVEL, could be used in games, to help people with visual disabilities to navigate around the place, to create “please touch” museum displays. Texture can be added to any projected images of any size or shape.

Revele utilize the effect which is called reverse electrovibration. A weak electrical signal creates an oscillating electrical field around the user’s fingers after he touches the screen and is responsible for the modified tactile feedback. The surfaces themselves require no extensive modification, though they need to be coated with an insulator-covered electrode, or “REVEL skin.” By tracking the finger’s position the researchers can manipulate the electrovibration to make the user feel changes in texture connected with the particular locations on the surface.


3) Augmented Reality technology has big perspectives according to Market Research repost done by Mind Commerce LLC.According  to it the convergences of two powerful technologies and solutions, Augmented Reality and Mobile Commerce, will create many opportunities for new applications. The report also investigates the spheres where Augmented Reality can be used such as social selling and social media interaction. Some of the key findings include:

– Augmented reality revenues will exceed $3 billion by 2015
– Revenues generated from mobile phone augmented reality applications will reach $2.2 billion by 2015

– Mobile commerce revenues will be doubled by 2015 with AR applications



 A new study from ABI Research predicts that the future of Augmented Reality technology lies in eyewear-based interfaces. It states that even though there are a new of new applications for phones and tablets, even though Google has caused a stir around Project Glass, it won’t take long until a new, more sophisticated technology will be created.

Senior analyst Aapo Markkanen advises to temper such expectations. “The issue here is that for any eyewear to enable appealing use cases it needs to have lenses that are large, light, and aesthetic. The display technology of those lenses needs to be more sophisticated than anything available today, and they will also need to support constant wireless connectivity for long periods of time. And all this needs to be delivered with a bearable battery life. It’s a circle whose squaring will take longer than five years.”


5) Wonder Book will bring thousands of stories to life in a real book with the use of Augmented reality. This is a new creation of Sony to let children of all ages be carried away to new worlds with the use of a new device for Sony Play Station 3.

Now everyone can play with the story and change it, experience new adventures and put their imagination to work. This is all possible now due to the Augmented reality technology.


6) Augmented Reality is long known to be used in marketing and advertising. Recently Lynx have also rolled out an interesting experiential campaign featuring the Lynx Excite Angels. An angel has literally fallen on Victoria Station, London and was interacting with the passengers. This event with the angel is an excellent gimmick, which contributes brand recognition. People could interact with an angel through a digital video billboard.


New AR applications:

  1. Zombies Everywhere! Augmented Reality
  2. Sun Surveyor 
  3. iFire ++ 
  4. GQ Live!
  5. SolAR System Discovery HD
  6. MustacheMe!
  7. Pixel Trip 
  8. WGNTV-AR 
  9. Athernet-Fingertips 
  10. Didiworks
  11. NGZ alive 
  12. Uber AR 
  13. Good Friends: Cake splitter 
  14. AR 
  15. Dolomiti SuperSummer 
  16. Skill Pill AR 
  17. Pop Flux
  18. 4D Viewer 
  19. Aparentia
  20. Artelia View AR 
  21. Clickar: AR Showreel 
  22. CMU AR 
  23. JVC AR Interior Audio 
  24. Idea Ingenieria 
  25. ZombieAr
  26. Warp Runner 
  27. Beer Mat Fighting AR 
  28. intARact 
  29. cARe



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